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Life has not been generous for thousands of young children. Some infants had the chance to be born healthy. Others weren't so lucky, and that is why the Fondation Espoir d'Enfants (F.E.E.) is seeking your support today.

F.E.E. is a charitable organization with the objective of helping children in the Province of Quebec pay for medication, treatment and/or therapeutic equipment that is covered by neither the provincial medical insurance plan nor by private insurance.

Donations, letters of support and especially your help at the different levels of activity of the Fondation Espoir d'Enfants are welcome and appreciated at all times.

In the name of all the sick children of Quebec, we thank you.

Dr Guy Sioufi Vice-President

Diane Gendron President

How contact us...

Phone: 450 973 3298

Fax: 450 973 1431

Adresse: 1760 Hector Charland , Laval ,Qc H7S 1Y6

E-mail : fondationespoirdenfants@yahoo.com

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Neurofibromatosis: http://nf.org

Behcets disease: www.behcets.com & www.behcets.org

Kawasaki's disease: www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/peds/pidl/infect/kawasaki.htm

Aase syndrome: http://aol.drkoop.com/conditions/ency/article/001662.htm

Blackfan-Diamond anemia: www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/lib_dba.htm

Rare diseases: http://www.cord.ca (Canadian organization rare disorders)

Montreal children's hospital: http://www.thechildren.com/acceuil.asp?1=c

Tourette syndrome: http://www.tourette.ca

Orphan drugs: http://www.fda.gov/orphan/

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